Bucks Head Inn

When you stay with us at the Bucks Head Inn, it's like you are on holiday and visiting family. Like the Inn of old, we provide a warm and cozy room, food and refreshment, and send you on your way in the morning refreshed and relaxed.

Years ago Inns got their start in England as places where travelers could rest. There were livery stables in the back, complete with food for the horses. Inside there was good food and some ale, and a comfortable bed to get your rest. In the morning a big country breakfast was served, and with a word or two to the owner, you could probably get some lunch to take with you as you continue your journey.


We don't have livery stables today, and travelers don't have horses anymore. Though if they did, we would figure something out for them. What we do have today is the spirit of the original inns that once dotted the English countryside, right here at the Bucks Head Inn. When you visit us, you are visiting friends and family, You are not just another customer to us. You will feel the same friendliness and warmth here that travelers have felt for centuries when visiting British Inns.

The original inns were bed and breakfast operations, like ours is today. We are centrally located in Liverpool, and we can help you make any arrangements you might need to get the most out of your holiday in our fair city.

The city is most famous for being the home of the Beatles, and you may do one of the famous tours of their old stomping grounds. You can visit each of the Fab Four's childhood homes, and you can visit "Penny Lane," as well as "Strawberry Field," which were inspirations of two of their most popular songs. We can help make reservations for the tour. When you are here we treat you like family, so don't worry about anything, We will make any arrangement you need.


While we do take a lot of pride in maintaining the historic nature of the bed and breakfast type Inn, you will find Bucks Head Inn to be as modern as any hotel you will find anywhere in Liverpool. We have Wifi available in most areas, and of course, we don't charge you extra for its use. So you can check your social media accounts and also all the uk bonus casinos, like casumo, where you can play on different slots, like the super lucky frog casino slot. We have the telly on with football in the bar, and there are televisions available for your room as well. Liverpool has some of the finest football in all of England, so we are proud of that as well.


Our rooms are comfortable with adjustable heating and air conditioning. The beds are large and soft, just right for a great night's sleep. We have comfortable areas to relax, such as our bar featuring the finest ale in England, a well as Fish and chips and other food you might like in a bar. You will also love our restaurant, that has food guaranteed to please. We serve breakfast and dinner in the restaurant, along with various specials at various times.


Stop and visit us when your holiday takes you to Liverpool. It is a good idea to get reservations, just to be sure you can get a room, but we welcome visitors at any time. Stop in and see us, just a block from the City Centre, near the bus lines. We look forward to your visit, and we will do all we can to make sure your visit is restful, but at the same time pleasurable and memorable. Remember, when you stay at Bucks Head Inn, it's not just another hotel, you are visiting family.