The Bucks Head Inn was founded shortly after World War II as Britain dug itself out of the destruction that was caused. From the rubble of burned and bombed buildings emerged the Bucks Head Inn, built on the foundation of another Inn that existed here before.


Our grandfather started the Inn, but the spirit of the Inn goes back to the middle ages or even before. When our grandfather started the Inn, it was on the location of what had been an Inn before this one was built. The location itself also suggests there may have been Inns at this location for centuries. Parts of the walls and foundation are parts of an old Inn that is hundreds of years older than the current building itself.

We are not sure how far back it goes, but we do carry on the spirit of the old-fashioned Inn that served weary travelers.

When the Inn was started there was a tremendous need in Liverpool for places for people to stay for a night or two, and to get a good meal. It was with that in mind that the Inn got its start. It had few simple rooms and a small dining room to start with, and it has grown over the years.

Today we have 25 rooms, a bar, and a nice large dining room. The bar is small enough to feel cozy, and you can eat your meals there as well. The restaurant is more traditional and big enough to handle any size of party.

It was started with the idea of providing a friendly atmosphere, a comfortable place to sleep, and a good meal. The original workers took a lot of price in making the very highest quality food, and that is a tradition we strive to uphold today. Whether its a simple fish and chips with some ale or a fancier dinner, we take great price in making our food as good as it possibly can be.

A couple of generations have passed since the current Bucks Head Inn was opened, but it maintains the same attitude and spirit today that it had back then. When you stay with us, you are staying with family. We treat you as one of our own. We are the classic family business that has been operating here for three generations.

We have been through a lot over the past 70 years or so. We saw the Beatles emerge, and have lived with Beatlemania ever since. We enjoy introducing people to the home of the Beatles, and all of the history that Liverpool has to offer.

We have evolved with the times, but some things we will not change. We have Wifi now, and a lot more modern technology, but we steadfastly maintain the qualities that made the Inn a success in the first place. We still greet our guests with a smile, and we treat you the way you want to be treated when on holiday.


Our bar has also evolved into a community meeting place, not just for guests staying overnight. There are a lot of stories in Liverpool, and many of them visit our bar and are told over and over again. You can relax in our bar and listen to as many stories as you like, and even tell some of your own if you are so inclined.

Today our commitment is to keep the old world charm of the Inn alive, and we want to do that with all the modern technology and comforts that we can provide. Stop by and visit us when you are in Liverpool We will help make your holiday here one that you will remember fondly for a long time.