Liverpool is most famous for being the birthplace of the Beatles. All four of the Fab Four are from Liverpool, and you can visit their childhood homes. There are one or two local tours that are excellent. You can visit places where they grew up, places like Penny Lane and Strawberry Field, were actual places that they hung out as young people. These were inspirations for songs. Walk down Penny Lane and soak up the history.


The tours are very good, and entertaining even if you are not a Beatle fan. You might be by the time the tour is over. There is also a museum for all thing Beatle related. Taking in the whole Beatlemania craze is something you must experience if you are visiting Liverpool. Even people who are experts on the Beatles learn something new when they visit the local museums. We can help you book tours and get tickets.

History is also a huge part of Liverpool, and as a port city, there is plenty of history. The waterfront is very popular, with many places to go walking and exploring. You can also take ferries and tours to cruise the waterfront. That can take a full day by itself. The “Three Graces” are also a sight to behold. They are three huge mercantile buildings which are the Cunard Building, the Royal Liver Building and the Port of Liverpool building. Liverpool was a key port for people going to the Americas in the 18th century, so visiting there is a great piece of history to experience.

History continues with several ancient church buildings that define the local landscape. Visit churches that are almost a thousand years old. and other buildings that are even older. You won’t run short of things to do while exploring the history of Liverpool. But oddly enough, the largest cathedral in the city was built in the early 1900s, which is still a very impressive building. There are several tours offered, and you can get a map – right here at Bucks Head Inn – to do your own walking or biking tour of the city.

The Radio City Tower is relatively new but is an impressive and popular tourist attraction. You can ride to the top, and view the city skyline from 400 feet in the air.

Museums are also a big part of the city, with all the history it has to offer. Beyond the Beatle Museum, there is a maritime museum, a museum of the history of Liverpool, and several others. The oldest museum is called the “World Museum” and has been open since 1853. There is a slave trade museum, which shows the darker side of history. There is also a museum dedicated to Liverpool’s role in World War II. There are several other museums in the city, and certainly, at least one that will get your attention.


There are also many shopping districts and places to enjoy outside in Liverpool. If you have time, there is also the countryside outside of Liverpool, which also is soaking in British history. Tours abound, and you can do your own exploring by renting a motor car for a day of adventure in the countryside.

Albert Dock is another popular spot on the waterfront. it is a collection of buildings built on the water for businesses operating in the 1800s. Today the buildings are a venue for concerts and live performances. You never know when you will see some up and coming band that will be the second coming of the Beatles.


If you have any questions, ask our staff for recommendations. We know the city, just like we know Bed and Breakfast Inns. Our staff will be happy to help you plan a great trip and enjoy all there is in Liverpool.